Nadia Belabas


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I have been permanent researcher at CNRS since October 2004. Current research activity: Quantum information with integrated photonics: Spectral encoding and manipulation of quantum information with photon pair sources emitting in a frequency comb (Silicon microresonators) ; Generation of entangled states with single photons from semiconductor quantum dot sources and implementation of associated quantum information processing protocols.

My scientific project focuses on the use of semiconductor sources both for the generation and use of intricate states with increasing numbers of photons, and for demonstrations using the ingredients of spectral encoding or continuous variables.


Short CV

  • 2023: Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches at Univ. Paris Paris Saclay
    Title: HDR - Integrated quantum photonics : putting modes or photons in tune.  Jury: Bruno Gayral, Roberto Osellame, Sara Ducci, Jean-François Roch, Alice Sinatra, Olivier Krebs

  • Since 2021 Research Associate CRCN, @ C2N, Palaiseau in the GOSS group, HOM team with Pascale Senellart Integrated quantum photonics in the discrete variable regime

  • 2017-2021 CRCN, @ C2N, Palaiseau in the NanoPhotoniq group renamed Toniq, MAQI team with Kamel Bencheikh, Multiparty Quantum Information (in the discrete and continuous variable regime)

  • 2006-2016 CRCN, LPN-UPR20 integrated into C2N-UMR9001 in 2016, Marcoussis, in the PEQ and Photoniq groups - Guidonics team with Jean-Marie Moison and Christophe Minot Discrete photonics

  • Since October 2004 CRCN @ CNRS

  • 2003-2004 Postdoc: Research Associate, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of Colorado, Boulder, USA Advisor: David Jonas

  • 1999-2002 Thesis, Ecole Polytechnique, Laboratoire d’Optique et Biosciences, Palaiseau, France Two-dimensional coherent femtosecond spectroscopy in the infrared defended November 19, 2002 - Supervisor: Manuel Joffre

  • 1998-1999 M2-DEA Quantum Physics (head Jean Dalibard @ ENS Ulm)

  • 1995-1998 Ecole Polytechnique



ˆ Femtosecond optics (spectrally broadband), nonlinear or quantum optics ;

ˆ Multidimensional spectroscopy ;

ˆ Nonlinear optics in semiconductor micro- and nanostructures ;

ˆ Coupled waveguide arrays ;

ˆ Integrated quantum photonics in discrete and continuous variables.


Past and present research themes

Multiphoton protocols with single-photon sources at 920 nm based on semiconductor quantum dots

Frequency encoding with photon pair sources at 1560 nm based on Silicon microresonators

Superposition of causal orders

Multipartite entanglement in coupled waveguide structures

Photon pair generation with integrated sources

Structuring coupling in coupled semiconductor waveguide arrays

After demonstrating theoretically and experimentally how classical light can be manipulated on-chip by structuring the coupling between coupled waveguides, I explored the use that could be made of these coupled waveguide structures with quantum light. In the field of continuous variables, I theoretically demonstrated several mechanisms for generating entanglement in coupled nonlinear waveguide arrays. As a result of these studies, I have proposed a versatile spatial entanglement synthesizer. Experimentally, I studied nonlinear effects in promising structures for implementations: coupled micrometric lithium niobate guides and nitride guides on thin-film lithium niobate. In parallel with these studies in the spatial domain and in continuous variables, I explored the generation and manipulation of multimode entanglement in the spectral domain and in the discrete variable regime. I used Silicon-on-insulator microresonators to demonstrate parallelized manipulations of frequency-encoded quantum light with photon pairs at telecom wavelengths. Finally, since 2021, I have also been using bright single-photon sources based on quantum dots in cavity with integrated photonic circuits for demonstrations relevant for photonic optical computation: for example, demonstrating on-chip generation of certified random numbers and 4-photon entangled states.


Main scientific and academic responsibilities

  • Member of board of ISL, Paris-Saclay Institute for Sciences of Light

  • Coordinator of OquLus, Optical Quantum Calculus project of the French Initiative

  • Over the last five years, I have coordinated 4 regional projects and have been local PI for 6 other projects including national ANR grants and an individual Marie Curie fellowship. 

  • Teaching I taught in DEA/Master II for sessions in nonlinear optics from 2004 to 2011 (26h/year). I teach in Master 1 with Marino Marsi in the Quantum Harware course at Master Erasmus Mundus Quarmen (18h/year).

  • I was a member of the scientific subcommittee Micro-and-Nano-Photonics CK at CLEO Munich from 2019 to 2023 and of the subcommittee Quantum Photonics FS3 at CLEO US from 2019 to 2023


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